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Are you launching a new product? A new brand? A new company? Jackson Events works with Wendel and clients to develop events and the kind of celebrity endorsement that help a company achieve it’s marketing and communication objectives. In the past we have placed Wendel: In television and radio commercials. At store launches. With contest winners and as an official spokesperson. Let Wendel Clark be the new face for your brand!Wendel Clark

Toronto Hockey Legend WENDEL CLARK says…“During my NHL hockey career some fans called me “Captain Crunch”. You don’t get a name like that without knowing a thing or two about joint pain. That’s why I recommend Nutri-Flex for effective joint pain relief. It’s the official joint care supplement of the Hockey Hall of Fame and the winning choice for arthritis and joint pain. Thanks to Nutri-Flex, I say it’s game over for joint pain! Try Nutri-Flex today.”